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MSU Digital Marketing

Welcome to MSU Digital Marketing -
The digital enabler of success.

We stand for an innovative type of digital advisory and reinvent the stereotypical paradigm of consultancy on a constant basis.

Our USP is characterized by creative skill implementation ways combined with more than 20 years of experience in holistic strategy advisory – everything located under a single roof.

This enables us to support you in exploiting your digital potential in the best manner. We assist you from discovering new opportunities to the actual realization of your corporate strategy using targeted performance optimization of current business processes.

Flexibility gives us the opportunity to work within existing infrastructures as well as to provide you with “All-In-One-Solutions”.

Successful strategy combined with inspirational creativity forms the base of our unique customer experience.


Human to human
promotes individuality

  • Customer focus is elementary for effective digital interaction as the customer needs define all activities.
  • User centric development enables us to offer the right content at the right time in the best possible manner.
  • We furthermore try work with the most natural forms of interaction that are possible.

Independence supports individuality

  • Technological independence removes the barriers to innovations.
  • With our network of independent experts, we create an environment that promotes tailor-made solutions.
  • This individuality will differentiate you from your competitors.
  • Furthermore, our entrepreneurial autonomy minimizes conflicts of interest and promotes efficiency and quality.

Creativity leads to interaction

  • Creativity reinvigorates and inspires the interactive brand experiences on a constant basis.
  • Thereby intense interaction generates valuable insights and secures its preference-building, digital added value.
  • Our team that has agency experience forms the inter-section between strategy-conception and creative implementation.

Your benefits

Our The ongoing digitalization of everyday life results in long-term changes in customer behavior. This leads to important implications for the value proposition for most of the companies. 

Both – B2C as well as B2B customers switch between their preferred digital touchpoints- in most cases, 24/7. This results in high expectations for their digital lifestyle, that are further influenced by big players such as Amazon. 

With our services we can help you to offer the best value proposition to your customers – all at the right time and place in the best possible quality.


Digital Strategy

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Successful digital strategies make you a valuable partner alongside the customer journey of your target segments. Better insights will enable you to create substantial added value and develop digital assessments with precise targets and visions for your future. And ensures your company’s success by continuously adjust your strategy and examine new insights as fast as possible.

Content Marketing

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Every product, every brand and every company have an interesting story that can either inform or emotionally fascinate the customer.
It all depends on defining the appropriate format for each customer segment and adapting the content accordingly.

Digital Campaigns

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Effective digital campaigns exhibit clear focus and track target achievements via a set of pre-defined KPIs (key performance indicators).
It does not matter whether it’s about e-mail marketing or display advertising: systematic testing, reviewing and optimization is the base of success in all digital campaigns.

Portals and Websites

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Websites represent the digital home of a brand or company.
Design, layout and technology influence the user experience and determine the intensity of engagement reaching from securing initial attention to long-term customer loyalty.
Furthermore, private portals, like those for sales staff, have additional requirements with regards to functionality and safety.

Social Media Marketing

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Nowhere else its more apparent that digital marketing should be thought as an intensive, ongoing dialogue with the customer, otherwise it will become a dead-end. Both - the use of social media platforms (e.g. the increasing visualization of postings) as well as the importance of social networks within customer segments (e.g. Facebook is rapidly “ageing”) are subject to an ongoing flow and require “always-on” support.

Employer Branding

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Both - the recruitment and retention of employees can be optimized with focused digital measures.
On the one hand can the competitive pressure of external recruitment platforms be negated with authentic experience applicant stories. On the other hand, will intelligent recruitment/HR portals support the company’s internal talent management as well as the workers’ individual work-life-balance.

Lead Management

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Converts your anonymous website visitors to known customers.
Qualifies them according to their contact details, interests and online user behavior. Creates a promising interface for the efficient management of digital campaigns or forms the base for further CRM measures.


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Where to target? Who’s the target? What’s the objective? The best digital strategy and the most creative implementation will yield no result if the desired customer can’t be reached at the right time.
No matter if you are a start-up or a well establishes big spender, we will provide you with the appropriate media strategy/planning in cooperation our media partners.

Sector expertise

While the MSU Digital Marketing GmbH is still a young company, the experts and partner networks are very mature and broadly based.

Across many sectors we have worked together with innovators, market leaders and Hidden Champions in the field of optimizing their digital experience.

Don’t hesitate to ask us for cases out of your product category.

Your contact person

Patrick Hanke
Contact Me

Patrick Hanke

Managing Director MSU Digital Marketing

Over 20 years experience in brand leadership & customer service in top international agencies, including 8 years as managing director of the Red Bull lead agency in Germany.

Phone: +49 6172  963-500

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