Our consultant team

Dieter Rebele


Managing Partner
Main focus: Executive-/Professional-Search
Phone: +49 6172 963-500

Dieter Rebele is a managing partner at MSU Executive Search GmbH. He possess around 20 years total experience in hr management within the financial industry.

Mr. Rebele conducted his studies of work and organizational psychology in 1991 at the former Bayerische Vereinsbark. His focus was on aptitude diagnostics, management training and the development of organizations. Three years later he took the role as head of the HR development unit and supported the fusion between Vereinsbank and Hypobank.

In the year 2000 Mr. Rebele was instituted as the head of HR at HVB Direkt GmbH. Under his tenure the HVB group subsidiary for telephone banking and call center services was grown to multiple facilities and over 1,000 employees.  After one year of strategic support in the Group Corporate Center of the HVB AG, which was strongly focused on the task of cost reduction, he managed the HR consulting unit for the German division of HVB since 2003. As a strategic partner Mr. Rebele and his team supported the heads of the the divisions corporate and private business, private banking and real estate financing.

Following the acquisition and strategic reorientation of HVB by UniCredit he was a head of HR and a member of the management team of the retail division in Germany. In this capacity he was responsible for the selection, development, support and compensation of the bank’s employees in the private and corporate business units. In 2007 he moved on to become the head of HR for the German subsidiaries of Hypo Real Estate.

Since 2009 Mr. Rebele has lead MSU’s Munich office as a partner. In the beginning of 2013 he became part of the managing partner team of MSU Executive Search GmbH.