Merchandising as sales and marketing support

Germany-wide decor setups for one of the largest breweries in Germany


In the highly frequented food and beverage retail market, national beer brands use attractive and elaborate displays during seasonal peaks in order to increase their visibility in the retail sector and strengthen their sales. Topic-related POS campaigns using a variety of advertising media (box connector, flyer, shelf wobbler and crate extras) also create additional incentives.

But it is not possible to deliver pre-assembled displays in all retail outlets. Retail partners welcome personal contact and support in construction and in brand-oriented positioning.

This is how MSU sales services GmbH successfully implemented display setups and special placements in food and beverage and beverage pick-up markets for a well-known beer brand in Germany.


  • Implementation periods within 2 days in 11 rounds at the respective retail partner
  • Ensuring the largest possible placement taking into account the store conditions
  • Tactful in-store interaction
  • Extensive stock replacement


  • Coordination of store visit times in the given time periods
  • Recruitment and coordination of professionally qualified personnel
  • Ensuring product availability in coordination with the customer
  • Distribution of the required advertising material for the implementation in the branches
  • Construction of different display sizes for the sale of 6 packs
  • Implementation of special displays by equipping the product placement with additional advertising material
  • Creation of training materials and reporting forms
  • Photo documentation
  • Final report

Added value:

  • Ensuring the adequate brand presentation at the POS
  • Timely in-store implementation
  • Relief of retail partners in implementation