Merchandising for high-quality mobile phone accessories brand

Nationwide shelf update in electronics specialist retail


As a manufacturer of high-quality mobile phone accessories, optimised product presentation on shelf space in the electronics retail trade is one of the key factors for success in sales


Which products are placed at eye level? Where is price labelling applied? Which products are in immediate vicinity? Where do you integrate advertising material? Are there enough products on the shelf hangers? etc. - MSU sales services GmbH translates these questions efficiently by means of merchandising rounds directly at the shelf according to the manufacturer's specifications.


  • New positioning and re-positioning of mobile accessory items on the shelf
  • Change to electronic pricing
  • Attaching advertising media to the shelf
  • Ensuring complete shelf placement taking into account the product listing in the respective branch
  • Quick response to short-term requests and changes in tour planning


  • Coordination of deadlines with the sales department and retail outlets
  • Tour planning for all involved outlets in the given times
  • Recruiting
  • Modification of shelves according to equipment list and planogram
  • Inventory control
  • Returns management
  • Creation of photo documentation

Added value:

  • Product update
  • Shelf layout update
  • Update of pricing
  • Relief of the brand's own sales department in implementation