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brands up close

Provide special incentives in retail

Experiencing brands up close: The right promotion/specialist consulting at the right place at the right time creates proximity to the consumer. A professional consultation gives further product advantages for a better understanding of the product by the consumer. We help you to create and implement promotions and specialist consulting.

The organisation of promotions/specialist consulting requires a sparkling idea, a customer-oriented approach, a detailed planning, and perfect brand performance onsite. Whether in retail, at trade fairs, in the catering sector or on road shows, we have the know-how and the contacts to promote your products sustainably.

We take care of your:

  • conception, planning and implementation.
  • control and production of advertising material.
  • sales promotion.
  • consulting activities.
  • tastings.
  • product launches.
  • gastronomic activities.
  • trade shows and road shows.
  • sales trainings.

Concept - Sales training – Specialist consulting/Promotion

Aus dem direkten Kontakt mit Ihren Endkunden über Promotions / Fachberatungen können Sie nicht nur zusätzliche Erlöse erzielen, sondern auch nachhaltig Markenbindung aufbauen. Der Schlüssel sind Promotions / Fachberatungen, die auf den Punkt geplant und durchgeführt werden.



We provide you with:

Everything you need for promotions/specialist consulting, whether in retail, at trade fairs or in the gastronomic sector.



Benefit from our know-how:

Innovative promotions with sustainability

Professional consultation with high recognition

Put your products in the best possible light and make them tangible for the end consumer at the POS

Flexible implementation and transparent reporting